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Buy Bitcoins

We are glad to offer our best service to obtain Bitcoins. In difference of buying Bitcoins directly or mining with own hardware or contract, the ordered amount will be mined for you in our datacenter in short period and with a much lower price relative to the current market rates.
Two options gives you ability to choose between time-frames of payout to your Bitcoin wallet. One week is a better option for those who need Bitcoins as fast as possible. Two weeks time-frame is a much profitable option.

Buying Bitcoins with MinersLab is easy and secure.
Simply press the “Add to cart” button and complete your order specifying Bitcoin wallet address where you want to receive Bitcoins. Once order accepted and confirmation message will be sent to your email address, please request the payment instructions for your order by replying to the confirmation email. After payment will be confirmed, you will receive your Bitcoins within selected period to the wallet address, provided by you during checkout.

Choose from one of available amounts:

Time-frame Availability Amount
1 Bitcoin 1 week Available 2

$695.70 Add to cart

10 Bitcoin 1 week Unavailable 0 -
20 Bitcoin 1 week Available 1

$12,380.10 Add to cart

100 Bitcoin 1 week Available 4

$52,037.50 Add to cart

1 Bitcoin 2 weeks Unavailable 0 -
10 Bitcoin 2 weeks Available 9

$6,127.20 Add to cart

100 Bitcoin 2 weeks Available 7

$50,185.60 Add to cart

500 Bitcoin 12 hours Limited 1

$248,036.00 Add to cart

1800 Bitcoin 12 hours Limited 1

$802,515.00 Add to cart

*Price of Bitcoins for your order will be fixed once order will be confirmed by you via checkout process.